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J D Emroidered bedsheet

J D Emroidered bedsheet

An elegant and pretty sheet monogrammed "JD." This lovely sheet is loomed of an excellent quality dark ecru.  A large central monogram, embroidered in bourdon in high relief, is ensconced with flowers in the center of the sheet.  

Dimensions: 230 x 294 cm.

This beautiful linen bedsheet would have been part of a brides trousseau.  An ancient French tradition, the dowry consisted of a variety of goods and was determined by the wealth of her family. It was comprised of money, acreage, cattle and other farm animals, articles of furniture, and “le trousseau” of the bride with her fabrics, lace, bedding & bed linen.  Painstakingly embroidered by the bride and her family, usually with the first inital of the bride and the husband to be.

PRICE:  $280.00